A wide variety
of applications

Pedestrian Crossing

These pedestrian and school crossing signs are fitted with high intensity LED beacon lights. These can be scheduled to flash during key school or traffic times using a simple controller.

Lane Control

Our signs are manufactured using high intensity LEDs with built-in ambient light sensors and automatic brightness control so they are clearly visible even in the bright Arizona sun.

Multi-Line Signs

We custom manufacture a wide size range and format of multi-line signs - from pedestrian warning signs to freeway overpass signs.

Lane & Lot Control

Our lane and parking lot control signs can be easily managed from a central location using wired or wireless control boxes.

A few words about our company

We are experienced with meeting the needs of Department of Transporation offices .

We have many successful projects with the Oregon DOT, Washington DOT, and Arizona DOT.

Our flexible LED lighting technology allows us to deliver custom solutions for your specific needs.